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Pedling Bhutan Tours

WELCOME to the official website of Pedling Bhutan Tours and Travels, an initiative of 9th Gangteng Trulku Rinpochey., a principle lineage holder of the Pedling traditions and president of Nyingma foundation in Bhutan and a head of Gangteng Monastery generally known as Gangteng Goenpa. Gangteng Monastery is the one of an important Monastery of Nyingmapa School of Buddism and the main seat of the great Tertoen (discoverer of ancient text and terms) Pemalingpa tradition , located in Wangdue Phodrang District in Cerntral Bhutan and almost two hours drive from wangdue town.

Present Gangteng Trulku is the 9th body emanation reincarnation of Pema lingpa and one of the great dzongchen master in the world. in addition to Gangteng Monastery, he is in charge of 35 other Monasteries, Temples, Hermitages and institutes in BHUTAN and also a study and meditation centre for WOMAN and GIRLS which overall he supervises over 2000 monks and nuns studying in these institutions around the country.

Rinpochey has founded Yeshe Khorlo centres around the world to flourish his dharma activities and has been teaching and conferring empowerments, transmissions and blessings to his students in United States, Canada, Europe,Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, India and other countries.

The profits earned through this initiative will go to support the monastic renovations around the country that His Eminence is overseeing. And part of our earnings will be set aside for developmental purpose by investing on the basic needs such as education, clothing and health care for monks and nuns.
For more information about Gangteng Trulku visit foundation's website The Padling Choeki Ga Tshal Foundation (PCGF)

we will exert our best efforts to make your travel in Bhutan with joyful and memorable one with all our experienced tour leader, naturalist, environmentalists, well trained guides and professional transport service and accommodations.

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